Kernel Update Version:
Release Date:
2022-03-02 08:28:02
  • PSBM-126136

    Virtual machines could not start in certain cases due to incorrect detection of CPU feature 'IBPB'.

  • PSBM-126014

    The number of memory cgroups reached its limit because such cgroups were not deleted in certain cases.

    It was discovered that memory cgroups were not deleted in certain cases. Over time, the limit on the number of memory cgroups could be hit and new cgroups would not be created. As a result, containers could fail to start and would report 'Cannot allocate memory' errors, docker could fail to run in the containers too, etc.
  • PSBM-122990

    'Bad unlock balance' error in ipmr_mfc_seq_stop().

    It was discovered that the implementation of IPv6 multicast routing could try to access wrong data when a user tried to read certain files in /proc. An attacker could exploit that from a container to trigger 'bad unlock balance' error in ipmr_mfc_seq_stop(), followed by a kernel crash.
  • PSBM-122991

    Soft lockup in ext4_ext_find_extent().

    It was discovered that certain ioctl operations in ext4 did not check their arguments properly. An attacker could exploit that from a container to trigger soft lockups in ext4_ext_find_extent() function, which could result in a denial of service.
  • CVE-2020-29661

    Incorrect locking in TTY subsystem could lead to use-after-free conditions and cause memory corruption.
  • PSBM-124581

    Userspace processes could crash with 'double free or corruption' errors due to a lost TLB flush in the kernel.

  • VSTOR-39656

    fuse_kio_pcs: Potential kernel crash in fuse_map_resolve().

  • PSBM-123043

    A specially crafted program running in a container could make certain processes on the host hang (denial of service).

  • PSBM-123085

    Kernel crash due to an incorrect BUG_ON() assertion in move_freepages().