Kernel Update Version:
Release Date:
2022-03-02 08:28:02
  • PSBM-129500

    netfilter: potential kernel crash in nft_rbtree_deactivate().
  • PSBM-129412

    'pcompact' operation could trigger memory leaks when 'io_kaio' I/O engine was used by ploop.

  • PSBM-129303

    I/O operations could be significantly slower if 'io_kaio' rather than 'io_direct' I/O engine was used by ploop.

    It was discovered that file preallocation was not requested by ploop with 'io_kaio' I/O engine. As a result, certain write operations to ploop devices could be significantly slower with 'io_kaio' than with 'io_direct' I/O engine.
  • PSBM-128205

    sch_teql: kernel crash in teql_destroy().

  • PSBM-129374

    ext4: timestamps could be updated in wrong inodes in certain cases, if the filesystem was mounted with 'lazytime' option.