Kernel Update Version:
Release Date:
2022-03-02 08:28:02
  • CVE-2017-2584

    kvm: use after free in complete_emulated_mmio.

    Linux kernel built with the Kernel-based Virtual Machine(CONFIG_KVM) support is vulnerable to a use after free flaw. It could occur on x86 platform, when emulating instructions fxsave, fxrstor, sgdt, etc. A user/process could use this flaw to crash the host kernel resulting in DoS.
  • CVE-2017-2583

    kvm: vmx/svm potential privilege escalation inside guest.

    Linux kernel built with the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (CONFIG_KVM) support is vulnerable to an incorrect segment selector (SS) value error. The error could occur while loading values into the SS register in long mode. A user/process inside guest could use this flaw to crash the guest resulting in DoS or potentially escalate their privileges inside guest.
  • PSBM-57915

    fs/fadvise: a way was needed to deactivate pages after cached reads.

    Support for FADV_DEACTIVATE flag (fs/fadvise) was added to the kernel to address this.
  • CVE-2015-8539

    Keys: general protection fault in trusted_update().

    A flaw was found in the handling of negatively instantiated keys in the Linux kernel. A local unprivileged user can use this vulnerability to crash the system.